We are the Body of Christ

As Baptists, we believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. Our Creator gave us the Bible as a guide for how we should live our lives. We understand that we live in a currupt world due to the fall of mankind (Genesis 1:14) however, Salvation has been offered to us by the mercy of our Creator. (John 3:16)

This Site is tool for believers to strengthen their faith and non-believers to learn about our Lord and the Salvation he has offered all of us.

We Believe..

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" John 1:1 KJV

Salvation Testimonies

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Hollan Thompson

  • I'm a Big Fake
  • I'm a Tennessee Vols fan, but the truth is I don't bleed orange. (Oh, man, if my dad ever reads this[...]

    Franklin Road Baptist
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  • Travis Thompson

  • What a Night
  • I will never forget that special night when I seem to have a heavy burden release from me. It was an[...]

    New Hope Baptist
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  • Topics
    Defending the Faith

    As Christians we must be prepared to defend our faith no matter what circumstances arise. Here you can view articles that will help you strengthen your faith.


    We are all born siners. This means that we all struggle with unrighteous things. We need to be prepared for whatever Satan brings our way. Click here to see how you can win these battles.


    It is very important that we fellowship with Christlike people. Here you can read what the Bible says about the Church, history and much more.


    Read about the authentication of God's word, false contridictions, and much more.