We all face tough decisions in our life. This is a time to turn towards God and look for strengh and Guidance. In this artilce we look at the decision of abortion and what God says about it.


Homosexuality is not a new thing. It has been around for milinuems as mentioned the Bible. Here we will look at these examples and what our Creator commands us.


As technology grows so does out need for a strong self-control. Satan trys hard to get our attention off what God ask of us and on the pleasures of this world. Having a computer makes it now easier than ever to get caught in these pleasures and loose a close walk with God.


Aeithsm has become popular lately as the world falls further away for its first Love (God). Man begin to walk after their own lust instead of facing the reality of a Creator. In this article we will take an in depth look at what what the Bible says and prophisises about this movement.

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How great is is to enjoy the good moments that life brings our way. We may be down and out sometimes but life always has somthing great in store for us. The gift of life is a marvelous and joyful thing. But we must live our life like God has planned for us. This maybe hard but with our friends and family we can be assure that great times are ahead. In this site you will read about ways to stay in God's will and not fall into the temptations of this world.

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  • "My Redeemer"

    Hollan Thompson, New Hope Baptist, Gainesboro,TN
  • "By Grace I was saved!"

    Jon Doe, Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesbro, TN
  • "A night I will never forget"

    Mary Smith, Bayfield Baptist, Pickering, ON